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 SharAnn's Artwork for Alzheimer's

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25% of the proceeds from each sale

will be donated to help fund

Alzheimer's research

and support Alzheimer's programs

My mother painted the picture above when she was a young girl.

I am so sad to say that I lost my mother to Alzheimer's this past year.  

I miss her so and it strengthens my resolve to help Alzheimer's research and programs.




Soon after my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I lost the ability to communicate with her through words over the phone.  I started using some of my watercolor paintings to create cards to send her; hoping to retrieve a memory, suggest a feeling, or evoke a response and make a connection with her.  She often smiled when she saw the cards and ran her fingers over the picture. She seemed to enjoy the cards very much and be comforted by them.  I loved making these cards because I enjoy painting simple familiar items and themes that are relevant to our past. It was a way for us to communicate and I am glad I was able to give these moments to my mom.

Often other Alzheimer’s patients also do not participate in our cyber environment of computers and smart phones, and do not access the Internet to receive e-cards, texts, connect on Facebook, Tweet, nor Skype.  Many people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease are from a generation where good-old handheld paper greeting cards are the Gold Standard for special occasions, encouraging words, or expressing personal sentiments.

Many of my cards are simply painted from my heart in a world as my mother taught me to see it.  My friends started asking me to make a card for them for various occasions.  Now I make cards that are suitable for any occasion and any person in memory of my mother.

When you have special occasions, give Share Alz Art cards to someone you care about, whether they have Alzheimer’s disease or not.         

Share Alz Art cards can brighten anyone's day. 

The donation made by the purchase of one of our cards may help discover a treatment to prevent, cure, or reverse Alzheimer’s.  You may help prevent someone you know from being taken by this devastating disease in the future.  It may even be an investment in your own future.

The recipient of a Share Alz Art greeting card will appreciate your thoughtfulness with a personal touch.


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